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Zanzibar Gem - 9.5cm pot

Zanzibar Gem - 9.5cm pot

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INDOOR / OUTDOOR PLANT - Zanzibar Gem in 9.5cm pot

The Zanzibar Gem Plant, or ZZ Plant, is one of (possibly THE most) easy care plants you can find...often the tag growers attach to this plant will state that the Zanzibar Gem "thrives on.  neglect".    Often mistaken as being artificial as they have super shiny, wide, oval-shaped leaves that shoot upward. 
Originating from East Africa the ZZ plant is a perfect beginner plant or a perfect plant to gift to the "black thumbs" amongst us.

The ZZ plant can be placed in areas with very little light, but its ideal situation is medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light as it will burn the plant.


Your ZZ plant will love a good watering every couple of week - allowing it to dry out in-between times.  However, don’t worry too much about forgetting to water your ZZ plant as they grow rhizomes (rootstocks) which help them to store water under the soil, making them a drought-tolerant plant.


Select a decorative pot that is 3-6cm bigger than the current pot size to allow room for growth. For this 9.5cm pot we would suggest a pot that is between 12 - 17cm in diameter. A 17cm Mr Kitly self watering pot or a small Birch pot would both be great choices. 

If you'd like us to do the dirty work for you simply request your plant to be potted into your chosen pot and we'll take care of the rest!

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