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Tradescantia Tri Colour in 15cm Baskets
Tradescantia Tri Colour in 15cm Baskets
Tradescantia Tri Colour in 15cm Baskets

Tradescantia Tri Colour in 15cm Baskets

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INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLANT - Tradescantia Tri Colour in 15cm Basket

Is this plant even real?!?! 

The most beautiful cultivar of the Tradescantia family is this cream, green and blush pink variety - the Tricolour! We just live for pops of that stunning blush pink colour and these baskets have them everywhere!

Tradescantia hails from South America and are fabulous houseplants as they are easy care, quick growing and easily propagated.  

Hang this stunning tricolour from your ceiling and watch those blush pink leaves trail down begging to be worshiped and adored! 


Tradescantia will do best, and keep those stunning 3 colours vibrant, when they are grown in a brightly lite spot. If you notice your cream and pink leaves reverting to green it needs more light!


Allow the top of the soil to dry out before re-watering, over watering will cause those delicate base leaves to root. These plants thrive best in a humid spot - too much dry air will cause your Tricolour to turn brown at the tips - mist regularly to avoid this occurring. 


These 15cm baskets can be easily repotted into a 21.5cm Mr Kitly Self Watering Pot or sit the existing growers pot into a Jute basket (we would recommend the 'tapered' size for a lovely fuss free option. 

Our Tradescantia has been pictured here in a small sized Basil pot

** Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual characteristics  - the plant you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal health and beauty. 

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