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Syngonium 'Maria Dark' - 13cm Pot
Syngonium 'Maria Dark' - 13cm Pot
Syngonium 'Maria Dark' - 13cm Pot

Syngonium 'Maria Dark' - 13cm Pot

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INDOOR PLANT  - Syngonium 'Maria Dark' in 13cm Pot

Also known as the ‘arrowhead plant’ on account of its uniquely shaped leaves, Syngoniums hail from Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador all the way up to Mexico - they are part of the Araceae family, so related to the Philodendron.

Syngonium 'Maria Dark' plant is a dark variation of the regular green syngonium. Its leaves are dark green leaves with a red hue. Those delicate leaves look like they might be tricky but they are actually a hardy fast growing plant great for that spot where you need a plant to cascade down.  


Bright natural light is best, also happy to grow in mid light.  


Allow the top of the soil to dry out before re-watering.  A full wetting of all the soil every 2-3 weeks during the growing season (less in winter) is best to ensure all the roots can access moisture. Syngonium's tend to grow year round so regular (we suggest every 3-4 waters) application of Plant Food will help keep your plant healthy and vibrant. 


When re-potting your Syngonium increase the pot by 3-5cm from what it is currently growing in. For example a 13cm plant would be best re-potting in a 16 - 18cm circumference pot. A 17cm Mr Kitly Self-Watering pot would be an ideal choice for this plant. For styling purposes this Syngonium has been photographed in a Lightly Vera Vessel in Turmeric.

* Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual characteristics. The Syngonium you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal quality and beauty. 
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