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String Of Watermelons
String Of Watermelons
String Of Watermelons

String Of Watermelons

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INDOOR or OUTDOOR PLANT - String of Watermelons in 12.5cm & 15cm Hangers

Looking for a slightly quirky trailing plant? A 'String of Watermelons' (Senecio Herreianus) might be your new plant baby!   Originating in Southwest Africa the String of Watermelons is a trailing plant with stems of oval, bead or mini watermelon like leaves. When in bloom, the flowers appear on tall, slender stems as tiny fuzzy white daisies.


If using as a container plant outside the String of Watermelons can handle periods of full sun - choose a light bright spot in your courtyard, garden or front porch for the fastest healthiest growth.  If keeping this cool plant inside then ensure it has a sunny spot - close to a window with access to lots of natural light is best. 


Like all succulents this plant will hold water in the 'juicy' melon shaped leaves.  When it is thirsty you will notice these watermelons or beads will shrivel slightly. For the healthiest plant keep on top of it's watering requirements - a good drink of water weekly in summer and less so in cooler months will promote good root growth.


Succulents need a pot that allow water to drain. A 17cm or 21.5cm Mr Kitly Pot is a great planter for water management. If you want your plant suspending from a roof or ceiling a size large Cade pot is a great option - simply pop the String of Watermelons directly inside,  plastic growers pot and all!

** Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual characteristics. The String of Watermelons you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal quality. 


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