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String of Beans 14cm Basket
String of Beans 14cm Basket
String of Beans 14cm Basket
String of Beans 14cm Basket
String of Beans 14cm Basket

String of Beans 14cm Basket

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OUTDOOR PLANT / INDOOR PLANT - Senecio 'String of Beans' in 14cm basket

The Senecio genus has many species such as the 'String of Pearls', 'String of Watermelons' and this guy...the String of Beans!

String of Beans (Senecio radicans) is a hardy succulent plant that tolerates most conditions. It has white flowers that appear at various times of the year, with light green leaves that look just like little beans from the stem. Perfect to flow over a bookshelf inside or from a hanging basket outside. 

Full sun - part shade is perfect for these hanging succulent baskets

Allow the top 2cm of the soil to dry out before re-watering.  As a guide this might be a full wetting of all the soil every 2 weeks during the growing season and very little during winter.

These string of beans look lovely hanging from either a hanging pot or sitting high on a shelf letting the strings fall gracefully down. Look for a decorative pot that is 2-3 larger than what the String of Beans is currently in. For the 14cm pots a small size Cade hanging pot of small sized Finch pot (pictured) would be lovely choices.
** Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their character and quality. The String of Beans you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal quality. 

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