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Sanseveria Boncel - 13cm pot
Sanseveria Boncel - 13cm pot

Sanseveria Boncel - 13cm pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Sanseveria Boncel in 13cm Pot

Like a friendly wave or not so friendly hand coming out of the ground this is one truly cool looking plant!  Sansevieria boncel is a unique-looking and is easy care cousin of the sanseveria snake plant.  Interestingly boncel is part of the Asparagaceae family, a group of plants whose best-known member is the garden asparagus! They are drought tolerant and can survive in lower light rooms so perfect for that hard-to-find-a-plant-for corner or your bedroom, office or hallway.
Bright natural light is perfect for most houseplants, this guy will survive on lower light - if you can read a book in the room during the day without a light on then this plant will be happy.

Allow the top of the soil to dry out before re-watering.  A full wetting of all the soil every 2-3 weeks during the growing season (less in winter) is best to ensure all the roots can access moisture.

Sanseveria can survive quite happily in their growers pots for a number of months. If you are wishing to re-pot this plant then look for a pot that is 3-5cm larger than 13cm - a small sized Finch pot would make a lovely pairing. 
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