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Sandalwood Jumbo Incense Cones & Burner

Sandalwood Jumbo Incense Cones & Burner

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ORGANIC GOODNESS - Sandalwood Jumbo Incense Cones and Burner

Incense Cones have been a part of India's rich heritage and cultural traditions since time immemorial. The act of lighting an incense cone is believed to help the mood focus during meditation and spiritual practice. 

A sweet and fragrant scent which is clear and intoxicating. Sandalwood is perfect for enlivening a space whilst promoting an uplifting sense of calm.

A beautiful package of recycled materials, perfect for a small gift.

Product Specifications

– 96% Organic ingredients
– Safe for inhalation & environment.
- 12 Jumbo cones & burner
– Handmade, environment-friendly.
– No toxic ingredients, no child labour or animal by-products.

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