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Polaskia Chichipe Cactus
Polaskia Chichipe Cactus
Polaskia Chichipe Cactus
Polaskia Chichipe Cactus

Polaskia Chichipe Cactus

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OUTDOOR PLANT - Polaskia Chichipe Cactus in 25cm pot
The Polaskia Chichipe Cactus is a columnar tree-like variety of cacti. Usually with a short trunk which branches freely at the top.   Will grow up to 5 meters tall when mature and display small yellowish-green flowers. Originates from Mexico but happy to live in our Victorian gardens either in the ground, potted outdoors or as an indoor plant. 
Cactus love the sun and heat...after all he's from Mexico! Place him in the spot which guarentess the most sun. 

Outdoors whatever rain these guys get will be enough.  If under cover only re-water them when they have already absorbed all the moisture in the soil. Do not let sit in water as cactus are prone to root-rot. 


Pots with good drainage outdoors, or for the best results, straight into your garden bed! The simplest option for this big guy is to buy a basket (as pictured) and simply sit him straight inside! This cactus is also pictured in a large sized Sonny pot. 

** Please note all pots, baskets and plants are sold separately. 

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