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Philodendron Minima Totem
Philodendron Minima Totem

Philodendron Minima Totem

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INDOOR PLANT - Philodendron Minima in 20cm pot with Totem

The Philodendron Minima (or Rhaphidophora tetrasperma) is a lovely vining plant that has small glossy green leaves that develop fenestrations as they mature. Often referred to as the 'Mini Monstera' this plant is a fabulous plant due to it's gorgeous split leaves, fast growth and ease of care.  This Minima has been trained to grow up a solid wood totem making it full and ever so lush. This makes it a great option for floor, bookcase plant stand level. The Minima currently stands approximately 58cm tall from the ground.

The Minima is native to the tropical regions of Southern Thailand and Malaysia but fear not you don't need a rainforest in your home to grow a happy and healthy Philodendron Minima!


The minima grows best in a well-lit position indoors with plenty of bright and indirect sunlight.


The Philodendron Minima prefers to be kept slightly moist during the warmer growing season. In cooler months allow the top 3-5cm to dry out before re-watering.


This 20cm Minima would look lovely planting directly into a 25cm Mr Kitly self-watering pot, you will also thank us for the ease of watering! If a ceramic pot is more to your aesthetic then this gorgeous Minima will look lovely paired with a small sized Alfie or Presley pot or sat inside a large sized Samso planter. 

* Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual character. The Philodendron Minima you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will of equal quality.


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