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Monstera Lechleriana in 13cm pot
Monstera Lechleriana in 13cm pot

Monstera Lechleriana in 13cm pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Monstera Lechleriana in 13cm Pot

We all know the classic Monstera Delicious - the big glossy thick leaved classic Monstera. Well let is introduce you to it's happy little cousin the Monstera Lechleriana. 

The Monstera Lechleriana are highly sought after that are grown for their unique foliage. They are very easy to grow tropical plants that require little care indoors or out. Although all Monsteras are considered vines, Lechleriana has a trailing quality that makes it a good pick for hanging baskets or training around a room.

Lechleriana is a viney beauty unique with distinct leaf fenestration (holes in their foliage) much smaller than the adansonii.  As this plant matures and climbs upwards, it grows larger foliage and its fenestration becomes more prolific


A Monstera thrives in bright to medium indirect light.


Allow the top of the soil to dry out before re-watering.  A full wetting of all the soil every 2-3 weeks during the growing season (less in winter) is best to ensure all the roots can access moisture. 


These smaller pot sizes would  love a bit more room to stretch their legs. Look for either a ceramic or plastic self watering pot that is at least 15 - 17cm in diameter. If you want to start hanging and trailing this plant then a small sized Cade pot would he an ideal hanging pot to plant into. 

** Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual characteristics. The Monstera you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal quality and beauty. 

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