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Mexican Fence Post
Mexican Fence Post
Mexican Fence Post
Mexican Fence Post

Mexican Fence Post

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OUTDOOR PLANT - Mexican Fence Post Cactus in Various Sized Pots
Arguably the most attractive of all the cactus varieties - 'clean' looking, perfectly symmetrical with the best green colour of all the cacti - it's super easy to see why they are so popular and why we can never keep them in-store for longer than....15 minutes!
Mexican Fence Post cactus, or  Pachycereus Marginatus, are characterised by tall  columnar trunks that can reach heights of 5- 6 meters. When planted in the ground it will produce clusters of stems with each stem able to grow many 'arms' during it's lifetime.  The tall stems branch out from the cactus base to form a fence-like cluster of tall, cylindrical 'posts', usually with 5 or 6 pronounced ridges. Along these ridges run symmetrical rows of small white thorns that make the Mexican Fence Post look striped from a distance. The Mexican Fence Post also produces a wonderful pink to light-red flower that adds great seasonal colour to your landscape.
As the name suggest this cactus is native to Mexico and the southern USA, where it grows in dry, hot desert regions.  You will absolutely fall in love with a Mexican Fence Post cactus..they are super dramatic and sexy!


Full sunlight is definitely recommend for the fastest growing and happiest Mexican Fence Post Cactus. They can be grown indoors in a pot but growth will be super slow and will unlikely produce flowers and clusters of 'posts'.
If planted into your landscaping whatever rain these guys get will be enough.  If under cover please only re-water them when they have already absorbed all the moisture in the soil. 


The Mexican Fence Post Cactus grows naturally in the desert where it is very hot and very dry. It wants very well draining soil that dries out completely in between waterings. If you want the best growth from this cactus plant it directly into your garden in an area that receives the most sunlight or the most reflected heat.

If you are wishing to use your Mexican Fence Post as a indoor plant then re-pot into a decorative pot that has a drainage hole and that is at least 3-5cm's bigger in diameter than the pot it is currently in. 

If you want to avoid re-potting your cactus we would recommend simply placing the cactus, in it's current growers pot, directly inside a Bornean Basket (for pot sizes less than 27cm in diameter), inside a Double Layer Basket (for pot sizes between 25 - 37cm in diameter) or sit inside a Alfie / Presley pot (for the largest pot sizes).

PICTURED WITH...Wave Pot (no longer in stock).

** Please note Mexican Fence Post cactus larger than 35cm tall are unable to be safely shipped. Please select Click & Collect or Free Local Delivery to secure your cactus. 


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