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Living Stone - White Spotted Jaws in 7cm Pot (SUCCULENT)
Living Stone - White Spotted Jaws in 7cm Pot (SUCCULENT)
Living Stone - White Spotted Jaws in 7cm Pot (SUCCULENT)

Living Stone - White Spotted Jaws in 7cm Pot (SUCCULENT)

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OUTDOOR / INDOOR PLANT - Faucarua Britanea - White Spotted Jaws in 7cm Pot

Give your garden a real arid mountainous feel by planting the White Spotted Jaw Living Stone plant. 
Living stones is the name given to a variety of unusual little succulents that have evolved to look like the pebbles and rocks that litter their native habitats in Africa. These plants hug the ground and grow extremely slowly. 
This aptly named White Spotted Jaws variety will grow approximately 5cm across forming a dense clump of plants. Huge 5cm yellow flowers appear in spring / summer. 

Since Living Stones plants are adapted to subtropical desert conditions, they require bright sun. Inside your home, put them in a place where it can get lots of bright indirect sunlight, like a north-facing window.If they are in too much shade, your White Spotted Jaws will grow leggy and the leaves may fall on their side. 
Otherwise plant directly into your sunniest garden bed using well draining soil. 


Generally, Living Stones can survive in the absence of its owner, as they can store water in their leaves as most succulents do. However, they still need the occasional good watering to refill their water storage and remain adorable. Don't water over winter as your White Spotted Jaws will go dormant. Resume watering once we hit Spring. 


These adorable little spotted jaws don't need too much of a larger pot than what they are currently in. We would suggest a pot size or around 10cm - 12cm in diameter. A 9.5cm Textured Cement Pot would be ideal (pictured). 


*Note: The plant shown is an indication of how healthy and fabulous all of our hand selected plants are! Your plant may not be the exact plant pictured but it will be of the same quality.

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