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Haws Copper Edition Watering Can - 1L
Haws Copper Edition Watering Can - 1L
Haws Copper Edition Watering Can - 1L

Haws Copper Edition Watering Can - 1L

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HAWS - Copper Edition Watering Can 1L

Meet the perfect 1L watering can for keeping your interior jungle in tip-top condition.


Founded in 1886, Haws is believed to be the oldest watering can company in the world. The company, based in Smethwick in England, remains dedicated to crafting traditional metal watering cans for avid gardeners to this day.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb, and love nothing more than spending the afternoon tending to your beloved plants, then the Haws Watering Can is for you.

Handcrafted from powder-coated steel with genuine copper trimmings, this new Watering Can from Haws will bring a touch of British rustic charm to your home. Perfect for use around the home, conservatory or greenhouse, the watering can features a slash-cut spout that allows for direct and drip-free pouring for your indoor potted plants.

Copper Edition Pot Waterer features:
  • Made in England.
  • Handcrafted from powder-coated steel.
  • Copper trimmings.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Slash-cut spout for drip-free pouring.
  • Hooped, ergonomic handle allows for singe-handled use.
  • Ideal for pot plants.
  • Recommended for indoor use.
  • Store indoors and upside-down.
  • Presented in a Haws box.


33.5cm x 12.5cm x 16cm  (L x W x H)

Weight when full 1.3kg

3 year warranty

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