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Golden Cane Palm - 25cm Pot
Golden Cane Palm - 25cm Pot
Golden Cane Palm - 25cm Pot
Golden Cane Palm - 25cm Pot

Golden Cane Palm - 25cm Pot

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INDOOR / OUTDOOR PLANT - Golden Cane Plant in 25cm Pot

The most popular and attractive palms with golden stems and yellow-green fronds. Also known as the Butterfly Palm, the leaves curve upwards in multiple stems to create a butterfly look. The Golden Cane Palm is very adaptable and can be grown in full sun to part shade or in a bright spot indoors. It will give any corner a tropical surfy vibe!


The Golden Cane Palm thrives in full sun to part shade - a bright area with some direct sunlight is ideal.  

Golden Cane Palms prefers average to warm environments and high humidity. It should be given regular misting, especially during the winter if the humidity is exceptionally dry.


Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Water the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer. Allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Reduce watering in the cooler months.


This statement palm needs a statement pot! A lightweight stunner like the medium sized Presley pot in those delightful pastel colours would look ace! If functionality is more for you then a 30cm Mr Kitly Self-Watering Pot will keep this palm ridiculously happy!

** Please note this palm is unable to be safely shipped. Please select either free local delivery or Click and Collect. Please also note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality. The palm you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal standard and beauty. 

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