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Ficus Pulmia Creeping Fig - 13cm Pot

Ficus Pulmia Creeping Fig - 13cm Pot

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OUTDOOR PLANT - Ficus Pulmia in 13cm basket

The Ficus Pumila, or Climbing Fig, is native to East Asia where it crawls up the sides of fences, buildings, churches and houses in abundance.  The creeping fig is an evergreen climbing species which, in Australia,  you might have seen crawling up the walls around your neighbourhood. 

If you have a bare fence or brick wall and are looking to jazz it up a little with a layer of green then this climbing fig could be the answer! Simply pot directly into the ground and watch it sprawl upwards and naturally 'sucker' onto the wall. Alternatively it can be used as a hanging plant in a hanging basket either indoors or outdoors.


Best grown outdoors in a well lit spot. To much harsh summer sun can burn those precious small leaves. It can handle lower light conditions but in order to grow quickly will love a good few hours of warm sunshine per day. Indoors prefers a spot with indirect light. 


Keep moist over the warmer months but not drenched. Reduce watering in the cooler months and allow the plant to dry out longer between watering. Can adapt to dry conditions once established.


Ideally you will pot the creeping fig directly into the ground in good well draining soil. If using as a hanging plant choose a pot with good drainage approximately 5 - 7cm larger than the current size. A small sized Cade planter would be ideal to simply pop the plastic growers pot right inside! Easy peasy!

** Please note all of our plants are hand selected for their quality and individual character. Your creeping fig may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of equal quality.

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