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Euphorbia Polygona - 20cm pot
Euphorbia Polygona - 20cm pot

Euphorbia Polygona - 20cm pot

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INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLANT - Euphorbia Polygona in 20cm Pot

Euphorbia Polygona is a very cool super spiny succulent that forms clusters of plants at the base and heads of purple flowers in the summer. Commonly known as the African Milk Barrel this is a 'cactus looking' Euphorbia for all cactus lovers!


Ideally an outdoor plant, if you want it indoors it'll will need a super sunny bright spot. Cactus will not tolerate low light conditions.


Cactus are a drought tolerant plant so minimal watering is required. As a general rule they are likely to need a small water every 2-3 weeks in summer and every 4-6 weeks in winter. Ensure the soil is fully dry before watering.


Cactus don't need a whole lot of extra soil to be happy. These guys can be re-potted into a similar sized or slightly bigger pot (20 - 25cm pot). We carry a large range of decorative pots that will bring out the charm and character of these cool Euphorbia's.

If you'd like us to do the dirty, and scratchy!, work for you simply request your cactus to be potted into your chosen pot and we'll take care of the rest!

** Your cactus will be the exact one pictured. 

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