Espresso Living Wall Planter
Espresso Living Wall Planter

Espresso Living Wall Planter

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Living Wall Planters


Our Vertical Garden Wall Planters will help turn even the blackest of thumbs green. With its sleek design, simple assembly, and excellent plant environment, growing a vertical garden has never been easier. Simply mount the wall bracket, fill the Wally Eco, and hang; 3 easy steps to bringing your walls to life!

With a no drip water design these are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  We especially love them for easy access herb gardens, wall hanging your tropical plants inside and for amazing succulent displays on external walls on fences. 

Use one or use twenty, it’s up to you and the look you want to create. 


Size: 8” H x 11.75” W x 8” D
Soil Volume: 0.25 cu.ft
Suggested plant volume: 1-2 4” diameter plants
Material: 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE) BPA Free

Included Parts List 

1 Basket 

1 Divider

1 Mounting Bracket

1 Drip Clip (if using irrigation)

1 Anchor

1 Screw


Assembly Tools Needed


Phillips Head Screwdriver or Drill