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Emerald Queen Fern -  14cm Pot
Emerald Queen Fern -  14cm Pot

Emerald Queen Fern - 14cm Pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Emerald Queen Fern in 13cm pot

A firm favourite fern of ours is this beauty, the Emerald Queen Fern. It is a more compact and bushy fern with an upright growth habit and sprightly apple to emerald green leaves. Found in the Australian undergrowth it can also be referred to as the Austrian Sword Fern. A hardy robust fern that would love to join you at your home!


Ferns grow in the forest undergrowth...think a moist environment and dappled sunlight. Keep this evergreen in bright indirect light with constant room temperature - they don't like to be too close to a heating or cooling unit.


The Emerald Queen Fern will do best with consistently moist soil. Check weekly that it has enough water keeping in mind over summer it will dry out faster.


Pop this beauty into a 17cm self watering pot for best water management and watch it grow healthy and strong!

** Please note all of our excellent plants are hand selected so we can vouch for their quality. TheEmerald Queen Fern you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be equally green, bushy and lush!

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