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Edible Flower Seeds - Forget Me Not Blue
Edible Flower Seeds - Forget Me Not Blue

Edible Flower Seeds - Forget Me Not Blue

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SETTLER HIVES - 'Forget Me Not Blue' Seeds

Settler Hives is a gorgeous Queensland company who have the following to say about their business "It started with two beehives in our backyard. Now we don't just keep bees, we feed them! We want to create feel good products that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside. With flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. Ultimately by feeding the bees, we are feeding ourselves".

So pretty you could eat. And you CAN eat these clusters of dainty blue flowers - they taste like a mild almost cucumber flavour, but not crunchy.

The plant grows into a lowish mound of pretty grey-green leaves which will most likely self-seed so you can enjoy them season after season.

Each pack comes with instructions on how, when and where to plant!

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