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Euphorbia Trigona
Euphorbia Trigona
Euphorbia Trigona
Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona

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INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLANT - Euphorbia Trigona 

Our large collection of Euphorbias consistently tend to be one of our most popular range of plants. Loved for their quirky characteristics and ability to make a bold statement in any home.

These plants are often mistaken for cacti due to many of the popular varieties sharing a similar visual appearance however, they are really an entirely unique genus unto themselves that includes over 2000 species of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees and includes spiny cactus and showy perennials.

Euphorbias are the most incredible family. They look nothing like each other and their diversity is amazing!

The Euphorbia Trigona is pretty perfect for creating a feature 'cowboy cactus  look in your home. Commonly called the African Milk Tree (because of the milky sap contained in the stems) it is is native to Central Africa.  It stays lush and green throughout its growing season, new growth has a lighter green colour than the base plant, it also has leaves that grow along the edges of the upright stems, some may fall off when the plant is dormant over winter. 

Like many Euphorbia this Trigona could all be mistaken for a cactus as they have growths that look a bit like a cacti’s spines. The spines on cacti are modified leaves whereas the growths on euphorbias are thorns.

Most Euphorbia species are found in Africa and Madagascar. They are particularly well adapted to survive in regions that are warm, receive little water, and have large amounts of sunlight year-round.

Euphorbias are very easy to care for, in fact, too much care, especially overwatering, will cause more issues than from neglect. They are fairly hardy and make great plants for beginners.


Euphorbia Trigona are pretty simple to grow and are fast growing - keep them in a spot that receives lots of light and relatively warm temperatures.If growing outside keep them away from harsh summer mid-day - afternoon as the fleshy spine is prone to burning.


Euphorbia can tolerate periods of drought, especially over winter when they go dormant. In the growing season they need water to flourish. Water when the top few inches are completely dry and allow the soil to fully dry out before watering again. 


Euphorbia need to be planted into very well-draining soil where their roots will not sit for long in moisture as they are prone to root rot. Choose a pot with adequate drainage and a size that is 5-10cm larger than what they are currently being grown in (so for this Eritrea a 20cm pot is perfect). Browse our range of Fergus or Samso silicone pot options - as they do not have drainage we would advise you to keep it in its current pot and simply place that inside this decorative planter.  

** Browse from our selection of  Euphorbia species below. They are individually labelled so the one you select will be the plant you receive. Pots and Plants are sold separately. 

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