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Ball Cactus Sp. in terracotta pot

Ball Cactus Sp. in terracotta pot

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INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLANT - Ball cactus sp. in 15cm terracotta pot 

These incredible specimens are several years old and real show stoppers in your cactus collection...liveable art!!

Cactus is potted in a 15cm wide terracotta pot. 


Cactus are sun lovers! Think Palm Springs heat! Pop in a bright sunny spot and this monster cactus will be happy!


Cactus are a drought tolerant plant so minimal watering is required. Ensure he is ONLY watered when the soil is dry. Care instructions will be included. 


*Note: The plant shown is an indication of how healthy and fabulous all of our hand selected plants are! Your plant may not be the exact plant pictured but it will be of the same quality.

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