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17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot
17cm Self Watering Pot

17cm Self Watering Pot

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A classic of the indoor plant world since its launch in 1987. Melbourne's Mr Kitly, has collaborated with Decor to create this original range of exclusive colours. 

WE. LOVE. THESE. POTS. You'll never have healthier and easier to care for plants in any other pot! Huge statement but we stand by it!

About the pots:
A lightweight planter that helps to take care of your plants - for home, office or anywhere. Clean, modern, and colourific plant pots. This size is perfect for bookshelves and mantles. The pioneering Australian design in self-watering planters. 
Plastic (BPA free)
Made in Melbourne.

Dimensions: 17cm pot (17cm width x 14.5cm high - 10cm planting depth)

Follow these pointers from Mr Kitly themselves to get bang on results everytime!

How to use

  • Simply plant your plant in as you would into any pot using good quality potting mix. 
  • Water from above the first time to help the potting mix settle in. Excess water gathers in the waterwell at the bottom. 
  • The plant begins to wick up the water it needs from the waterwell via the potting mix. 
  • Once the waterwell at the bottom dries out it's time to begin topping up the water via the waterwell at the bottom. 
  • Topping up via the waterwell helps the plant get a good airing out between watering. 
  • Don't be afraid to let the waterwell remain dry for a while as well - especially in cold and wet and dark areas when plants don't need as much water and the potting mix remains wetter longer.
  • In hot and dry and sunny areas you may find the waterwell needing topping up more often as the plant is more thirsty. 
  • Not only is it convenient and looks great, the pot is great way to see how much water is being used and to get to know your plants and their needs!

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    Customer Reviews
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    Amanda B.
    Australia Australia
    Caringly Potted

    My Self Watering Pot purchased with a beautiful Mother-In-Laws tongue and it sits beatify on my entertainment unit. Arizona Living potted the plant and delivered the plant the next day to my home and I was super impressed with the quality. I will purchasing again xo

    Talia A.
    Australia Australia
    Great product, amazing service!

    I love these pots, they make it so much easier to know what your plant needs and when! Definitely recommend.

    Sarah E.
    Australia Australia
    Favourite pots

    These self watering pots are my absolute favourite, the colours are awesome and they work so well, I love that they do my watering duties for me.

    Ashleigh G.
    Australia Australia
    Cute product and amazing service.

    I purchased this pot along with a plant from the online store. The next morning it was waiting for me on my door step and already potted which I thought was amazing service. the pot itself is super cute and the range comes in lots of great colours. I look forward to seeing how it holds up over time!

    Justine H.
    Australia Australia
    Fast delivery perfect plant

    Love my pilea - I have put it in the nursery for my baby to enjoy. It was potted perfectly and the shape of the plant is really lovely.

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