Arizona Living is a unique plant nursery specialising in cacti, succulents & indoor plants. We focus on helping people select plants that will survive and thrive in our Victorian coastal environment. The Arizona Living employees are all keen gardeners and avid plant lovers. All the plants we sell come with no-fuss care sheets and we are available via text, instagram, facebook and our contact us page for free follow up questions any time. We want every customer to get the confidence to easily care for their new plant friends and the knowledge needed to grow their collection. We love getting to pot your new plants and pots together, perfect for when you're buying a gift or just don't want to make a mess yourself at home. We hope you get to visit us soon to have a wander through our beautiful space, and meet our wonderful team in person.  


At Arizona Living, we believe plants make people happy.

They fill a room with life. Every new leaf, bud or flower has the potential to bring joy, to grow a new gardener's confidence & bring pride to the person who has nurtured that plant. We don’t think that growing plants should be hard or stressful, we think plants are where you should go to relieve your stress, to slow down and focus on a simpler, quieter life. Arizona Living was created to share a safe space where no plant question is a silly plant question, where knowledge is freely available and shared and where weird, special and unique plants are easy to find.


We take our sourcing very seriously.

 Libby and Ally, our plant buying team, hand pick our plants and only select the best quality, healthiest, pest free, beautiful and easy to maintain ones they can find. We source the best soil, planters, vessels and plant foods so that every new plant goes home healthy and ready to settle in and GROW. We give simple and sensible care advice to everyone. In store we plant your purchases for free (we even plant things you haven’t bought with us for free). We are available for unlimited follow up advice. We will help people re-plant next season & we encourage customers to bring plants back in to learn how to propagate them or divide them up. People come to buy our (incredibly well priced) products but all our services are free of charge and they are why we do what we do. It’s all about making people happy. 


Gorgeous and colourful succulents, weird and wonderful cacti, lush and tropical plants.

Our carefully curated range of locally crafted and internationally sourced plant products reflect the colourful, vibrant and playful aesthetic of Arizona Living. Everything is available through our fun and playful store in the industrial estate Torquay or a smaller curated assortment is also available online.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Despite growing up in a mad gardening family, it was long suspected that Lib’s thumb might be more black than green. Her deep love of Mid Century & Palm Springs design introduced her to desert landscaping and lead to the creation of a stunning low water garden when she bought her first 1950’s home. That process uncovered the joy and pleasure of growing things and in 2015 Arizona Living was launched. Lib lives in Torquay with her beautiful partner Anna and their funny dogs Keith and Betty.


Growing up on a dairy farm with super talented gardening folks, Ally was surrounded by nature, plants & biodiversity from a young age. Ally has pressed pause on her career as an OT to raise her 4 children, care for an extensive houseplant collection and find joy by helping people find new plant babies at Arizona Living


Leaving a busy city life behind, for the slower pace of the coast, Jordan happily calls Torquay home. You’ll find her out in the surf and exploring the coast with her daughter Hildie and their dog Mo. While studying full time, working at Arizona is the perfect pace and she’s found herself with a healthy plant addiction (Thanks Libby!). Jordan is always happy to help and have a chat about plants and anything in-between.


Caitlins love for nature begun helping her parents design and plant out their small acreage. However, her love for indoor plants didn't spark until she begun propagating and growing succulents for her brother's wedding in 2017. She is studying a degree in Landscape Architecture allowing her to combine her knowledge of plants and love for design. When not studying, Caitlin spends her time tending to her indoor plant collection or walking her kelpie Koa on the beach. Caitlin not only appreciates the beauty of plants but is fascinated by the science behind them! She is the Arizona Living go-to indoor plant encyclopedia.

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