About Us

Arizona Living is a unique plant nursery specialising in cacti, succulents & indoor plants.  We focus on helping people select plants that will survive and thrive in our Victorian coastal environment.  

None of Arizona Living's employees are botanists, but they're all keen gardeners and avid plant lovers.  All the plants we sell come with no-fuss care sheets and we are available via text, social media messaging and email for free follow up questions.  We want every customer to leave with the confidence to easily care for their new plants friends and the knowledge needed to do grow their collection. We'll also happily pot your new plants and pots together, perfect for when you're buying a gift or just don't want to make a mess yourself. 

Open 10am till 4pm 7 days a week discovering Arizona Living is like finding a hidden gem.  Pop in soon to check it out and wander through our beautiful space. 



Client Reviews

"Love this nursery! Unique with lots of ideas! We need people like Libby to give us inspiration!"

"Amazing range of plants and after many visits, with Libby's help, my house is now very happy and full of Arizona Living's plants and well on it's way to becoming an indoor jungle!"

"I absolutely adore my new indoor plants I bought from Libby. Arizona Living has such a great range of plants with a difference, and it's so fantastic that I can get them in my little paradise. Even better Libby is so helpful and lovely to deal with. Thanks Libby x"

"Such a beautiful nursery! Lots of lovely plants :) very friendly service. Will definitely be seeing me again. Thanks Libby xx"

"Incredible garden design. Such a talent!"

"Great range of succulents, very friendly service! Can't wait to go back!"

"Great range of plants. Potted my succulents!! Very helpful!!"

"Libby's nursery is just beautiful, and she is extremely knowledgable about the plants that she sells. Highly recommended!"

"I had the pleasure of visiting Arizona Living last weekend, a simply beautiful collection. I was delighted to see so many vintage style plants; and very happy coming home with a Chain of Hearts, just like the one my Grandma had on her porch. Thank you Libby"