Rustic Clay Pots - Rose Blackstone

Rustic Clay Pots - Rose Blackstone

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Rustic Clay Pot - Rose Blackstone

Our newest pot offering are these stunning clay pots. Made to look aged and rustic to give the impression the pot has been loved in your collection for years and years!

Each pot is uniquely made and naturally mossed so that no two pots will be the same.

Differences in shape and colour may occur.

Matching saucer is included with pot

Drainage hole: Yes

Extra Small 

8.5cm internal / 10cm external diameter x 12cm height

Including matching saucer 9.5cm diameter


11cm internal / 13cm external diameter x 14.5cm height

Including matching saucer 12.5cm diameter


15cm internal / 16cm external diameter x 17.5cm height

Including matching saucer 17cm diameter


18cm internal / 20cm external diameter x 20cm height

Including matching saucer 19cm diameter

Extra Large 

23.5 internal / 25cm external diameter x 23cm height

Includes matching saucer 23cm diameter

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