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Sustee Water Meter - Large
Sustee Water Meter - Large

Sustee Water Meter - Large

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Are you killing your plants by being too generous on the watering side of things? Or do you just find it hard to tell when you plants are ready for their next drink?

The Japanese designed Sustee ‘water meter’ has landed in Australia and this clever little device is making the decision when to water your plants a breeze.

It is as simple as placing the Sustee device into your soil and the indicator will turn blue if there is moisture in the pot.

When the indicator again becomes white you know the soil has dried out and your plants roots would like some more water!

Sustee can stay in place.  Or it can be moved from pot to pot if you have lots of plants.  Just remember it takes about 10 minutes to read the moisture level if moving from plant to plant.

  • Sustee size L is 18cm total length and best for pots more than 18cm (7 inches) in diameter
  • Also available in Small & Medium sizing
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