Munash Organics - Foliage Spray - I Litre

Munash Organics - Foliage Spray - I Litre

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MUNASH ORGANICS - Foliage Spray - I Litre Bottle 

Munash Organics is an Australian family owned and operated business, based in Ballarat, Victoria. They create natural products to balance the soil so things grow the way nature intended. They proudly call themselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company! 

The Foliage Spray is designed specifically for indoor plants. The gentle blend of natural minerals from Tasmanian waters contains a dose of micro-minerals and trace elements. Apply fortnightly via the easy-to-use spray bottle to give your plants a nourishing boost, keeping them healthy and happy.

Munash Organics recommend using in conjunction with their Indoor Soil Food product for the ultimate health benefits for your gorgeous plants. Both are scent-free and completely safe to use around animals, as they are non-toxic.

Note...It is important to shake the bottle before using, as the minerals settle in the bottom of the solution.

Vegan |100% Safe | 100% Natural | Certified Organic Input with NASAA

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