Kinto Water Bottle - Smoke

Kinto Water Bottle - Smoke

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Lightweight and durable, our Kinto's Water Bottle is an impossibly elegant addition to the Japanese brand's range of beautiful drinkware.  

We simply had to include this product in the Arizona Living assortment because we ourselves love and use them and wanted to share this iconic Japanese water bottle with our customers as well.

Made from a high-quality transparent copolyester, is sports a stylish, understated design. Its clean, minimal lines are visually appealing, while the robust material is resistant to scratches to keep it looking amazing. 

The built-in handle makes carrying your Water Bottle comfortable and intuitive, with a snug lid that opens with a single twist for quick hydration.


COLOUR: Smoke 

MATERIALS: Copolyester & Silicone

SOURCE: Designed in Japan

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