Haws Plastic Watering Can - 700ml - Red

Haws Plastic Watering Can - 700ml - Red

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HAWS Plastic Watering Can 700ml - Red

Think Haws think timeless contemporary British style - gardening style in this case!

When you purchase Haws gardening accessories you know you are investing in heirloom quality sophisticated products. 

We love a good watering can and in our opinion this is the best! 
This smaller style, with its long narrow spout, is perfectly designed to get past the foliage and easily water the base of plants on shelves or up high. It is also perfectly angled to easily water directly into the base if Mr Kitly self watering pots. 

Details and Materials

- 0.7 litre injection moulded plastic can

- Removable Round Fine Spray Rose

- Engineered from premier grade, recyclable plastic for thick wall strength and long     life

- Weight when full 0.8kg

- 3 year warranty


30.5cm x 12cm x 12cm  (L x W x H)

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