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Maidenhair Fern 25cm Pot
Maidenhair Fern 25cm Pot
Maidenhair Fern 25cm Pot
Maidenhair Fern 25cm Pot

Maidenhair Fern 25cm Pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Maidenhair Fern in 25cm Pot

The Maidenhair fern has to be the most visually stunning fern around...those delicate whimsical leaves on arching wiry black stem sure are beautiful! A full and healthy Maidenhair fern sitting as a centrepiece in your home is pretty darn breathtaking!  Let us warn you though Maidenhair ferns are pretty picky about what they want in their new home! If you meet their specific growing needs however they will reward you with fast growing gorgeous foliage. 
Maidenhair ferns are grown all around the world and  are especially suited to growing on rock walls around waterfalls, where the water seepage and moisture in the air keeps them from drying out.  They can grow to 1m, but are more commonly much smaller, growing to 30cm. 

Choose a spot in your home that is well lite but receives no direct sun. Think a light spot in a room with sheer curtains or a bathroom with frosted windows. Too much direct light with burn the delicate leaves however not enough light will cause yellowing fronds and poor growth. Once you find that sweet spot....keep it there!

Consistently moist soil is one major factor in having a healthy Maidenhair fern, this is not a 'sit and forget' plant. Be sure to water your fern consistently, usually once to twice a week, never allowing the soil to dry out, we have found using a water meter a great visual aid to help keep on top of this plants needs. 

The other important environmental factor when it comes to growing this fern with success is humidity—it thrives on moisture and needs a lot to survive, which can often be difficult to achieve in indoor environments - lots of misting or being in a bathroom close to a well used shower are good ways to provide that humidity this fern needs. 


Ferns love moisture and access to water so a self-watering pot will be your best friend when re-potting this Maidenhair Fern. For these 25cm ferns we would recommend a 30cm Mr Kitly self watering pot.

If you wanted a ceramic planter then look for one with a drainage hole that is 25 - 40cm in diameter. 

**Note: The plant shown is an indication of how healthy and fabulous all of our hand selected plants are! Your plant may not be the exact plant pictured but it will be of the same quality.

** Please note plants and pot sold separately.
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