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Callisia 'Pink Panther' - 20cm basket
Callisia 'Pink Panther' - 20cm basket
Callisia 'Pink Panther' - 20cm basket

Callisia 'Pink Panther' - 20cm basket

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INDOOR PLANT - Callisia 'Pink Panther'  in 20cm basket

The prettiest of plants! The name Callisia comes from the Latin word 'beautiful lily' and although this variety, the super adorable Pink Panther, does not look much like a lily a lot of her cousins resemble miniature lilies. Callisia's are part of the spider plant family and are just as easy to grow, rewarding and easily propagated from as the spider plant. 

Your Pink Panther will be happiest, and pinkest, in bright indirect sunlight.

Your Pink Panther will take on a moderate amount of water. Allow the soil to fully dry out before giving it a good soak. As a guide the frequency of this would be every week to 10 days in summer and fortnightly to every 3 weeks in cooler months. 


This 20cm Pink Panther will be happily repotted into any pot, hanging or with a base, that is 20cm - 25cm in diameter. This pink panther would look amazing planted into a large sized Cade hanging pot or a Birch Wide pot

** Please note all of our plants and pots are sold separately. All of our plants are hand selected for their quality. Your plant may not be the exact one pictured but it will be of the same quality.

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