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Venus Fly Trap - Doinaea Muscipula - 7cm

Venus Fly Trap - Doinaea Muscipula - 7cm

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Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are carnivorous plants that attract and trap insects, it is fascinating to watch this unassuming plant lure and capture its prey.


Venus Fly Traps like a sunny spot and damp soil, placing a saucer with a little water is a great way to keep these guys damp in warmer months. If you are growing the plants inside, a sunny windowsill is ideal. In winter, when this plant has a period of dormancy, you can move him to a covered outside spot and water it once a week. 

WE RECOMMENDED PLANTING IN : This plant can stay happily in his growers pot for quite a few months and be sat inside a 9cm decorative pot. 

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