Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot
Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot
Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot
Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot
Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot
Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot

Chain Of Hearts - 13cm Pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Chain of Hearts in 13cm pot

 Easily one of our favourite little plants -  with those amazing wispy strings that just grow & grow, and those gorgeous heart shaped leaves - what's not lot love!

This South African native vine features gorgeous, small, waxy, purplish silver leaves in the shape of hearts. Once established, it will produce flowers throughout the year.
They're generally considered to be easy care plants and look beautiful trailing from a suspended hanging basket or adorning a shelf and falling over the edges. 
To make them grow you need light. Bright indirect light that hits the top of soil as well as the leaves. Without decent light they will not grow well. 

Water moderately. Chain of Hearts like to be kept on the dry side so make sure the soil is dry to touch before watering again and in winter cut right back to once every 2-3 weeks.  One of the reasons Chain of Hearts prefer to dry out between watering is due to the tubers they grow in their roots. They look like little potatoes, but are in fact their water stores.

We have oodles of pots to suit the needs of this versatile plant! The Chain of Hearts makes a beautiful statement trailing low from a hanging pot. The small sized Angus & Celeste Macrame planter is a perfect size for this guy. Alternative pop inside a 'Annya' Rattan hanging planter and be mesmerised by this delightful combination swaying in the breeze. 
If you are planning on trialling your Chain of Hearts from a shelf check out the range of Samso and Fergus planters - the lovely colours and silicone finish will make your plant pop!

** Please note all of our excellent plants are hand selected so we can vouch for their quality. The Chain of Hearts you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be equally pretty!
** Please also note pot and plant sold separately.


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