Boston Fern - 20cm hanger

Boston Fern - 20cm hanger

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INDOOR PLANT - Boston Fern in 20cm hanger

If you’re looking for the frilly greenie goodness of a fern, but don’t want to tackle the high-maintenance lady that is the maidenhair fern, then a Boston Fern might be just the plant for you! Quite possibly the hardiest of the all stunning fern varieties.

Boston ferns come from the humid, tropical regions of South and Central America. Their natural habitat of dappled shade means that Boston Ferns do best with lots of indirect light.

Ferns might have a reputation for being fussy, but they are very hardy plants that can recover pretty easily from neglect [although we're not advocating neglecting these beauties!].


Ferns grow in the forest undergrowth...think a moist environment and dappled sunlight.  The best place for your Boston Fern is somewhere in indirect bright light - anywhere in a bright coolish room away from the harsh sunlight of the window. 


Boston Ferns need to be kept moist, so check the soil moisture regularly, ensuring it never dries out. It can be tricky to get to the soil on a lush full Boston fern but by using a self-watering pot you can water via the bottom reservoir allowing your fern to soak up the water.  Water less during the winter, but still watch out for the soil to never go completely dry.

Since Boston ferns come from tropical places, they are used to living in high humidity.  If you have a bright bathroom, your Boston fern will be very happy there. The steam from the shower will provide your plant with the humidity it loves.


MR. KITLY SELF WATERING POT! Sorry for shouting but if there is any plant to pull out a self-watering pot for its for a fern. A 25cm Mr. Kitly would be perfect, as if it was made just for this plant!
If you wanted a tad 'classier' pot then a Tall Ceramic Self Watering Pot would make for a stand out combination.

** Please note all of our excellent plants are hand selected so we can vouch for their quality. The Boston Fern you receive may not be the exact one pictured but it will be equally green, bushy and lush!


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