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Incense Burner - Aluminium - Triple Moon Pentacle

Incense Burner - Aluminium - Triple Moon Pentacle

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Incense Burner - Aluminium - Triple Moon Pentacle

If you need a pretty plate to perfectly hold your favourite incense and the ash that comes from it we are sure you will find something you love from our latest collection of aluminium, clay and wooden incense holders imported directly from India. 

The Triple Moon Pentacle Aluminium Incense Burner can hold two incense sticks and is perfect for incense cones too. This dish also works great as a small jewellery or trinket dish and a small smudge stick.

This aluminium incense burner features a central triple moon pentacle design with 6 smaller Om symbols on the rim. It has 3 small feet underneath the holder keeping it raised off surfaces.


11.5cm circumference.

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