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Medium Opuntia Burbank Spineless (prickly pear)
Medium Opuntia Burbank Spineless (prickly pear)

Medium Opuntia Burbank Spineless (prickly pear)

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OUTDOOR PLANT - Opuntia Burbank Spineless in 20cm pot

Owning a Opuntia Burbank screams hipster cool! Sit it in a pot of your style out the front of your home or in your courtyard and all will know that inside those doors is someone who knows a thing or two about urban style. 

Opuntia Burbank Spineless is a much less spikier version of the common prickly pear cactus. They are a light green blue colour and just ooze cool. These bad boys don't need much to any TLC and will reward you with multiple little paddles every year. 


Full sun is definately best to be rewarded with the healthiest fastest growing cactus.


Whatever rain these guys get will be enough.  If under cover or inside please only water them when they have already absorbed all the moisture in the soil. 


Pots outside with good drainage using good quality free draining soil - or for the most impressive growth and results - straight into your garden bed!

We have a range of concrete style and fibre-clay pots that this Opuntia would look sensational planted into. Check our our Presley and Maxi range here. 


Snails love opuntia, so if you have snails in your garden drop a couple of snail pellets around the base to stop them munching on your beautiful cactus.


** Please note this sized Opuntia is too large and heavy to ship. Please select free local delivery or Click and Collect from our local Warehouse store at checkout. 

** The Opuntia currently in stock have 3 identically sized paddles only - their new summer growth (like pictured) has not yet started due to the cold spring we have had.

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