Manabaskets - UMOJA Bag XL
Manabaskets - UMOJA Bag XL
Manabaskets - UMOJA Bag XL
Manabaskets - UMOJA Bag XL

Manabaskets - UMOJA Bag XL

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MANABASKET - 'Umoja' Bag in size Extra-Large

People love a good story behind the product they are purchasing, especially if it means they are contributing to the betterment of a community.

Stocked at Arizona Living for the first time we are excited to introduce Mana Baskets. These beautiful baskets and bags are handmade by women artisans in African villages.

Manabaskets are handwoven sisal, yarn, and baobab collections, sourced from women basket weaving cooperatives in Africa. When you purchase a Manabasket, 100% is given to Manasprings Inc, an Australian charity, empowering women in Kenya who care for vulnerable and marginalised communities.

The Umoja bag is made from colourful soft yarn and sisal - sisal fibre comes from the Sisal plant and is a stiffer tough fabric perfect for making a durable bag. The softness of the yarn adds a lovely textural element.

*  Made from ethically sourced Sisal fibre with interwoven yarn

*  Leather handles  

From director Carey Westwood...

“When you buy the baskets you support Manasprings, a charity registered in both Australia and Kenya, which helps women who care for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Africa.

“We also organise retreats where women gather together for two nights and three days and join a free-of-charge program. Our focus is their wellbeing, so caring for the carers, caring for frontline workers, which are predominantly women in Kenya,” Westwood explains.  

The word Mana has a background in Māori culture and is all about how you care for other people, while springs stand for refreshing your body, mind and spirit.

“The programs are designed for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as we believe that women who work on the frontlines need time on the sidelines.

“Grassroots women leaders who work in inner-city slums and impoverished rural villages need time for physical and psychological rest and for spiritual retreat. It is important for these women to be in a safe and encouraging environment to connect, learn and be inspired.”

Mana Baskets buys all of its handmade baskets directly from local women’s weaving groups to ensure fair trade prices are paid immediately to every woman.

“When you purchase a basket, you’re helping Manasprings to care for women.”

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