Munash Organics - Soil Food

Munash Organics - Soil Food

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Munash Organics is an Australian family owned and operated business, based in Ballarat, Victoria. They create natural products to balance the soil so things grow the way nature intended. They proudly call themselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company! 

Made especially for Indoor Plants.

Munash Soil Food is a natural mineral fertiliser, which replaces what has been removed from the soil. It recreates the natural process that occurs in the earth to restore soil to its proper level of health.

This Soil Food product loves soil! It nourishes and rebalances the soil with up to 100 minerals giving new life and enhancing the nutrients your plants digest.

Soil is its own living ecosystem, it has developed from Êgeologic materials including as rocks, granite, limestone, and sediments.

The soil is what supplies all the water, nutrients and minerals essential for plant growth. So when a plant uses up all this goodness in the surrounding soil, it needs to be replaced.

Munash Organics Indoor Soil Food & Munash Organics Plant Foliage Spray are best used in conjunction with each other – in fact it’s highly recommended you do. Both are unscented and completely non toxic to humans and pets alike.


100% Safe 100% Natural Organic Input




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