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Alocasia Macrorrhizo - 12cm Pot

Alocasia Macrorrhizo - 12cm Pot

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INDOOR PLANT - Alocasia Macrorrhizo in 12cm pot

This tropical indoor plant is part of the Alocasia group of plants, or elephant ear plants, known for their large leaves. 
The stunning vibrant green Macrorrhizo  is a long-legged beauty with beautiful large leaves. Originally from Southeast Asia, the Alocasia  Macrorrhizo  is familiar with the rainforest floor – meaning it loves a moist, humid environment – and its large leaves will follow the path of light (so be sure to rotate yours once in while).


The Alocasia Macrorrhizo  will love you if it is able to have at least half a day of good light, but not direct hot sun (that'll burn the leaves).  


Water little and often so the soil is just moist but not soggy. Mist it regularly if your climate is not naturally humid, or place with other humid loving plants to create that feel of a humid jungle floor. 


This Alocasia will be best planted in a 30cm Mr Kitly pot, allowing great circulation for the plant. If a ceramic plant is more your style look for a pot approximately 20 - 25cm in diameter and with drainage - an Evergreen Collective Finch Pot for example would make an ideal combination. 

If you'd like us to do the dirty work for you simply request your plant to be potted into your chosen pot and we'll take care of the rest!

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of how healthy and fabulous all of our hand selected plants are! Your plant may not be the exact plant pictured but it will be of the same quality.

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