WATER : These like a good drink, they are normally planted into well draining soil so you can water them again as soon a the soil feels dry.  
LIGHT : Lots of indirect bright light indoors is perfect for these wild guys, this will ensure lots of new growth through the spring and summer growing periods.  Outside in hot direct sun all day in summer they will get sunburnt but will survive, you may get purple burn marks though and some scarring on the plant.  It won’t kill them but it will make them a little less attractive until the following spring’s new growth comes through. Outside I recommend area’s that are well lit but have dappled shade to grow super impressive specimens. 
LOCATION : Indoors or out, happy little vegetates these ones.  Hang around your veranda/decking or in trees outside or basically anywhere inside the house. 
TEMPERATURE : Avoid frost but otherwise hot or cold they will survive and thrive. 
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