[pot with drainage] Allow the top of the soil to JUST become crumbly and feeling on the edge of moist/dry before re-watering.  Just like all other plants a full wetting of all the soil will ensure all the roots are being reached and make for a stronger healthier lusher plant.  If you have a spray bottle and can mist the body of the plant occasionally, this will encourage the fronds to stay lustrous and gorgeous for you. 
[pot without drainage] Check whether there is still moisture in the base of the pot by using a wooden chopstick or baking skewer and follow the same directions as per pots w/ drainage.  You don’t want to flood these guys but them sitting with a centimetre of water in the base of their pots every so often won’t kill them.  Try not to let them sit in a puddle too regularly though as ferns can rot like any other plant if left in a swamp.  
[self watering pot] With ferns you can keep water in the drip tray at all times, your fern will thank you for the humidity and constant moisture availability. 
LIGHT : No fern is going to look it’s best if getting direct hot sunlight.  The best location for these guys is mid to lower light areas.  They will still thrive in brightly lit rooms but you will find you need to water more regularly. 
LOCATION : These guys will survive both inside and outside in Victoria, you’ll want to have them planted or in pots in an undergrowth like environment like the southern side of your house so they’re protected from hot sun.  
TEMPERATURE : Can survive cold temperatures and also okay at standard house temps, don’t like the dry air from heaters or air-conditioning systems blowing directly onto them. 
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