WATER : Cactus don’t need much water at all to survive.  If it’s going to live outside where it gets good rainfall you never need to worry about watering your cactus. If you’re keeping it inside in a pot then only water when the soil has completely dried out.  If you want your cactus to grow faster (both inside and out) you can water more often but the soil needs to be FULLY DRY FOR A WEEK before you water again to ensure it doesn’t drink up too much and rot. 
LIGHT : Love it, love it, love it. Full sun is perfect and it’ll encourage them to flower for you annually. 
LOCATION : In the garden raised mounds (or terraced areas) for cactus will facilitate good drainage and strong roots.  A consistently wet environment is not ideal for cactus.  If you have them inside a bright sunny window is best and I alway recommend giving them a holiday outdoors every year (for a least a month) to make sure they maintain optimum health and live happily with you for the next 10-20 years or more! 
TEMPERATURE : Cactus can put up with incredible temperature extremes. Hot or cold it doesn’t matter, they also survive frost and snow falls…bomb proof plant! 
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