WATER : The name airplant is a bit of a misnomer.  In our Victorian environment these guys need a little more than just air to stay happy and healthy! The best way to have a long living airplant is to mist it thoroughly and regularly.  Make sure it becomes dry though before you do it again.  You’ll be able to tell the difference between wet and dry when you mist them for the first time because the colour on them becomes more intense when wet.  Depending on the humidity/dryness of your house the frequency of how often you’ll need to mist will be different but once a week is a good rough guide for shoulder seasons like spring and autumn.
LIGHT : These guys like bright filtered light, if you have it in a really warm sunny room in summer just keep an eye on it.  It will get thirsty and grow faster in all that warmth so you might need to mist more often.
LOCATION : I recommend having these fellows indoors, although they will survive outside birds can take a fancy to them as nest material and steal them from you! You have possibly bought your airplant mounted already onto a crystal or ceramic hanger.  If mounted you can display anywhere in your home, providing the light it’s getting is appropriate.  If you’ve got a loose airplant you are only limited by your imagination on how you display it.  Pinterest has heaps of cool ideas if you want to get creative but I often just have them sitting as they are in a small dish, bowl or saucer.
TEMERATURE : Ideally keep in a warm area of your home and avoid placing in a draught or direct sunlight

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