WATER : As we pot our indoors into a variety of pots we’ve given you three different descriptions, if you’re unclear on which ‘pot’ you have then just send us a message with a photo to ask. 
[pot with drainage] Allow the top of the soil to dry out before re-watering.  A full wetting of all the soil will ensure ALL the roots are being reached, make for a healthier plant long term and also mean you are checking and watering less often - vs giving them a cup or so every week. 
[pot without drainage] Check whether there is still moisture in the base of the pot by using a wooden chopstick or baking skewer and follow the same directions as per pots with drainage. 
[self watering pot] You can keep the drip tray of these pots either topped up at all times or just refill them when the water is all used up.  I prefer to let the water tray to become dry so I know how often they plant is emptying it.  Also I believe it’s good for soil to dry out between waters to encourage strong root growth. 
LIGHT : The lightest, brightest area’s of your home will encourage the best growth from tropical plants, most will still perform really well in mid light area’s though and these areas also mean watering is required less often.  
LOCATION : You need to enjoy this plant indoors, our Victorian winters are too cold for the majority of plants sold from our hothouse, some can survive outside in protected areas (For example: Bird of paradise, Hoya, Rhipsalis etc) but speak to a member of our team about whether they think it will do okay before you decide to keep it outside. 
TEMPERATURE : Because we suggest keeping these plant indoors, average house temperature is perfect.  If you’re going away in winter and the house will be cold & empty for and extended period of time, place your tropical plants squarely in front of the windows that get the most sun and given them a really good water the day that you leave.  If you’re gone for more than a month during winter then maybe ask a friend to plant sit in their home so they can enjoy while you’re away. 
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