Grab your Valentine and take a walk through a garden...

One of the most thoughtful and loving things Anna ever does for me is to tolerate and encourage my passion for exploring gardens.  Big botanical gardens, peering over fences into small private oasis, nursery gardens, open gardens, anywhere that someone has put time and love and artistry into working with nature.   

For me there is no more satisfying expression of creativity that working in a medium that grows, that spreads, seasonally blooms then dies, that sun and wind and rain and temperatures will mould and control and make flourish.  The romance of a garden - no matter the style - is that they are a love letter, they require so much time and dedication and thought and care and planning.  And even with all of that work there are still a million elements of them totally out of your control that will mould it to what NATURE wants rather than what you maybe designed.  A garden teaches you patience and flexibility and to just enjoy the simple joy of a bee in a flower.  

I won't be visiting any of these gardens tomorrow, but I will be enjoying mine, holding the hand of my love, and watching the bees do their work.  

When I travel (whether it's to Switzerland or the USA or just to Country Victoria) I always prioritise visiting gardens, they bring me so much joy, spark my imagination and feed my simple love of growing plants as art.

Happy Valentines Day garden lovers Xx 

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