Alhoka Ceramics

As you may have noticed I am NOT a blogger, keeping up to date with a regular, well written account of ideas, news or inspiration isn't my strong suit.  Hopefully it won't take me 8 months for my next one ;)

Because we're now open at our new location I thought I should start to share a little info about some of the amazing makers, producers and growers I work with...hopefully I won't drop the ball and this will happen monthly so strap in, let me introduce you to someone you don't know then go check out their websites/social/visit them at a market or their showrooms to support xo 


Alhoka is hand thrown, turned and fired clay pieces that each have their own story. No two pieces are alike.

 Alhoka’s inspiration is drawn from the organic beauty of fired clay, the way it behaves pending it’s treatment, the way it feels when you’re influencing it’s form.

 Finished simply so as not to take away from its raw beauty. New to the pottery world, Alhoka has a passion for beautiful simple pieces which will add warmth to any space.

 All pieces are dishwasher safe, however we recommend the extra care of hand washing these ceramic pieces.

I met Anja, the beautiful creative behind this brand, when I was living and working in Gippsland, I am blessed to have her collaborating on classic pieces for our nursery clients. Images are from her website and show a snapshot of broader range of beautiful household items she also produces.







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