Lady Birds Fighting Your Plant Pests

As it gets colder you might find you have pests appearing on your indoor plants.

At Arizona Living we sell some awesome products to start your soil right and strengthen plants to combat pests, also a great Neem product if you are on top of a pest problem soon - but if you aren't paying attention for a couple of months a few pests that could have been dealt with easily can soon multiply into a bigger infestation...

I've been reading up on lady bugs to combat these really problem pest infestations. 
It's super easy to jump online and purchase a packet of lady bugs and a bag, I recon it’s SUCH a fun thing for kids to be involved with too!
When shopping make sure you choose adult bugs not eggs, and the type for your area (southern states or northern states) and get the bag too

I am almost hoping I get some pests just so I can buy some lady bugs because how fun does this plant pest solution sound? 🐞 

If you do want to try it, once the lady birds have eaten all the tiny bugs (aphids, spider mites etc) you can then just release the lady birds into the garden.  

Then come see us for some Munash rock mineral soil food and Munash ocean mineral foliage spray to restrengthen your plant and ensure it stays pest free in the future.



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