Absolutely beautiful staff & plants if you like living art & beautiful colours. The lovely staff spoke with both myself & my little girl & helped her pot up some little plants, very special. I think very reasonably priced too for the care they take & designs. A great local business, thanks for your service today 🙏

SD Eddy
Website easy to use and gave the option to pot the plants in the pots I wanted so was perfect as a gift.
I ordered them in the evening and they were delivered the next day which is fantastic. I also called to ask some questions about the plants and experienced positive customer service
Abby Graham

My Hoya ropes were so happy and healthy, fast shipping, beautifully packaged with a hand written note.

Mi Y

A great selection of gorgeous plants and modern, stylish pots. The staff are lovely and so helpful.


Great range of succulents, very friendly service! Can't wait to go back!

Great range of plants. Potted my succulents!! Very helpful!!

I had the pleasure of visiting Arizona Living last weekend, a simply beautiful collection. I was delighted to see so many vintage style plants; and very happy coming home with a Chain of Hearts, just like the one my Grandma had on her porch. Thank you Libby

Libby's nursery is just beautiful, and she is extremely knowledgable about the plants that she sells. Highly recommended!

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